Video is a thing now.WP does this too...

Evelyn's Mark

Evelyn's Mark is a boutique Raw Vegan Retreat based in Bedfordshire. The interiors of this hideaway are absolutely stunning. Literally. No expense has been spared and we aimed to capture the calming beauty of the interiors in typical WP fashion.

The Pink Pig Farm

Like most visitor attractions, the Pink Pig Farm really does suffer in winter. We aimed to show the fantastic facilities and fun that can be had during the cold (and often wet) British weather down at the farm in this short promo video.


You'll see Eliane dotted around this whole site because there is always such phenomenal subject matter. In a sleepy market town in the South East, you'll find one of their Cafe branches. This site is a favourite for locals and with a glass atrium like that, you know why!

The London Lightbox

The London Lightbox are an event tech start-up based in Central London who create these wonderful photobooths without the booth - meet The Obscura. Obscura's fill a solid gap in the market due to their tiny square footage and high res imagery. They also are fully socially connected. Not bad, ey?